Enjoy Responsibly, Stay Slim, Live Fully.

It is the truth and let’s accept it. Sometimes, there’s nothing better at the end of a long day than a glass of wine; only if we could restrict it to as much. Much more and the calories multiply and that New Year’s resolution to lose weight comes crashing down!

Various studies suggest that drinking in moderation helps stay in shape while we enjoy that glass. If we pair moderation with choosing the right drink, staying slim becomes easier. So here we are with a few suggestions.

• Red wine: might work best for those watching their figure. A study suggests that women who drank the equivalent of two glasses of red wine were least likely to gain weight. Better yet, sip at one glass through the evening.
• Beer: is considered to be worse for you than wine or straight spirits because it has a lot of sugar, carbs and tends to lay down the renowned “beer belly”.
• Shots: to be taken with caution. They may look small but they can contain 60 to 100 calories each shot––a few of these and it soon adds up.
• Use a sugar-free mixer. Although a vodka tonic may appear to be a lower calorie choice, tonic water (unless you specify diet tonic) has almost as many calories as regular soda. Instead, request club soda, which has no calories or sodium with hard liquor. Be wary of any sugary mixer or juices––these are likely to be high in calories.
• Stick to proper measurements. Many restaurants like to “supersize” their glasses of wine or cocktails. In order to stick to what is considered to be drinking in moderation, consume a five-ounce (150 ml) glass of wine, 12-ounce beer or one mixed drink made with a single or a 1.5-ounce shot of 80-proof alcohol.

Enjoy that glass responsibly and you are sure to live fully with a body to thank for!

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