Drunk Offenders. Handle with Care.

One can find reasons in plenty to get drunk. A good day, a bad day; pleasant weather or too hot; friend’s marriage or a loss in the family; a salary raise or a bonus cut. An excuse a day is all one needs to hit the bar!

And while at the bar, it is easy to spot the famous types of drunks. Check out for these types and their traits and may be a tip or two on how to handle them.

• Happy Drunk: The life of the party, this type of drunk is the most happy person you will ever come across. Not to mention, this one is the most obnoxious as well. Dancing to no songs believing that they are the life of the party!

Stay as far as possible and find your own happy corner instead.

• Sad Drunk: The perfect example of the fact that alcohol is not a stimulant; it is a depressant. The sad drunk is not fun for either the inebriated or those around them. Their sad state is made worse with the intake of alcohol and you would not want to mother this fella who bursts out crying and sobbing.

Be a good friend and lend them your shoulder. Tomorrow might be your day!

• Reckless Drunk: Oh! The Johnny Bravo; after a few drinks down that is! This person’s dumb and ridiculous acts – the dancing on the table, the unstoppable bottoms up – make you sick to the stomach.

Keep an eye on his next act and hide his toys away. He will sulk for a while but you and your friends would save the rest of the party!

• Philosophical Drunk: No this is not a matter of life and death or may be it is for this one drunk. Life and death are the favourite topics to discuss.

Throw them a googly and leave before the booze settles this person down to start thinking straight again!

• DJ Drunk: This happy person takes control of the console and churns out ridiculously insane numbers, literally. You would never go sober on the dance floor to this music but after a few drinks, everything goes. Except when the segue crash happens, and you actually crash on the dance floor.

Get him to dance and let the one with music sense play the music. Let the real party begin!

• Sober Drunk: You might think that this is the perfect one. You are so not right. No matter how drunk this person gets, you can barely tell. Except when the unspoken and unwanted truths come out when they are least wanted and least appropriate. The minute you realize that this one has started to talk, nothing but dirty gossip is going to come out.

Do not let this drunk spoil the party spirit. Get the designated driver to drive him home or call a cab. The sooner he leaves the party, the better it is.

Too much alcohol can be a slippery slope. Take it easy, keep it moderate and live fully.

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