Drinking at a young age is not that enjoyable, after all.

It is human nature to believe that ‘bad things happen to other people who drink and not to me’. It is human nature to believe ‘Alcohol does not affect me like it affects other people’. These attitudes of indestructibility are more common among adolescents. And that is where the problem of underage drinking starts.

Underage drinking can lead to many serious consequences. At school, drinking can lead to higher absence and failing grades. Lack of interest and lack of participation in sporting activities and irritability in social forums could make you feel out of place. You could face legal problems for driving under the influence and worse is that you could hurt someone while drunk. Dealing with hangovers and illnesses is not enjoyable. There are memory problems and changes in brain development that may have life long effects. There are many more consequences that you do not wish to experience, trust us. Not to mention that if you start drinking at a young age, you are many times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse in life than those who begin drinking at the age legally specified in your city, state or country.

It is difficult we know with all the peer pressure, with all the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes you are going through. You are seeking new and potentially dangerous situations and all seems very exciting and adventurous. As someone genuinely concerned, we urge you to educate yourself and educate your friends and peers about the dangers of underage drinking. And you will agree that drinking at young age is not that enjoyable, after all.

Enjoy your life responsibly and live fully.

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